The 2014 Georgia Student Archaeological Research Grant

The Society for Georgia Archaeology (SGA), Georgia Council of Professional Archaeologists (GCPA), and Georgia Department of Natural Resources are jointly sponsoring student research grants for 2014. These research grants are competitive awards given to support undergraduate and graduate student research that focuses on the archaeology of Georgia.

A total of three research grants will be awarded in 2014. Two grants of $375.00 will be awarded at the 2014 SGA Fall meeting to support undergraduate research projects, and one grant of $2,000.00 will be awarded for thesis or dissertation research. Proposal and budget guidelines and instructions for submission may be found on the Georgia Student Archaeological Research Grant application form, located on the SGA website (

The following shall be required of each applicant:

  1. 1.  The primary focus of the project must be in Georgia, including but not limited to a particular site or group of sites, a collection, or theoretical issue of particular relevance to the state.

  1. 2.  Each applicant must be a member of SGA and must maintain an active membership throughout the life of the project.

  1. 3.  Each applicant must be sponsored by a faculty member who has an active membership in SGA and GCPA. Out-of-state applicants whose sponsoring faculty member is not a member of GCPA may contact Tom Lewis as to discuss GCPA co-sponsors.

  1. 4.  The successful applicant will give a presentation at a SGA meeting and will agree to submit a manuscript to Early Georgia, a biannual journal published by the Society for Georgia Archaeology, and see it through to publication within one year for undergraduates and two years for graduate students.

For questions or assistance with problems, please contact Tom Lewis at