This is a collection of documents for the general public (interested in archaeology and our cultural heritage). Click on the headline to read the entire article.

Spring 2012 Meeting Follow-up: Discussion on Metal Detecting Standards

standardsGA – AMDA presentation Thanks to all who attended and participated in the Spring 2012 GCPA meeting at Georgia Gwinnett College.á Thanks also to our guests, AMDA’s Chris Espenshade, Patrick Severts, and Sheldon Skaggs, for their presentation on a proposal of Standards for Metal Detecting in Georgia. I thought theádiscussion was engaging and productive, and […]

Laws Pertaining to the Looting of Archaeological Sites

Brackets [] encompass inserted text meant to clarify the wording, but are not words in the law. These citations are not legally binding and are only for reference. Citations may not be complete. Federal Laws Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 (16 U.S.C. 470) ľan Act to protect archaeological resource on public lands and Indian […]

The Fakery of Artifactery

Scott Jones examines how easy it is for unscrupulous people to create phony versions of cultural artifacts, and how claims of “authenticated” status might not mean as much as you think.

1992 State of Georgia Archaeology

The council published a document in 1992 entitled The State of Georgia Archaeology. The document in Adobe Acrobat PDF form is available by clicking here (caution: 3 MB download, which might take a while on dialup connections.)