Georgia's Heritage is Threatened by looters.

It’s Illegal.

It’s Wrong.

You can help preserve our heritage by reporting looting to your local law enforcement officers. or click here to send an anonymous tip that will be forwarded to proper authorities.Vandalism and looting happen every day in Georgia.

Historic buildings and Indian sites are illegally disturbed, vandalized, and looted—and our heritage is lost forever!

Facts about looting and how we all lose when they win:

  • Looters dig up artifacts to sell them—almost always far from Georgia, even to Europe and Asia.
  • Looters destroy the site and the context that archaeologists use to interpret the way people lived. When the site is disturbed, the information is gone—lost forever.
  • Historic places and archaeological sites are non-renewable resources. Once they’re disturbed, they’re gone. They can not be reconstructed.

Click here to read our list of Frequently Asked Questions about looting, archaeology, and click here to review the state and federal laws that govern artifact collection.