Members of the Georgia Council of Professional Archaeologists are professional archaeologists actively working in the state of Georgia. Membership in GCPA is not a requirement to earn contracts to do archaeology in Georgia.

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2019 Revisions to the Standards and Guidelines for Archaeological Investigations

The Georgia Council of Professional Archaeologists establishes and promotes standards and guidelines for investigations within the state of Georgia to encourage consistent and high-quality archaeological practice. Last published in 2014, The Council approved an updated version of these standards in 2019. The document is available as a PDF with the following link:  Georgia Standards and […]

Apply for membership!

Apply for membership! Membership is in the Georgia Council of Professional Archaeologists is open to anyone who who adheres to the Code of Conduct of the Register of Professional Archaeologists and who either (a) holds a Master’s degree or higher in Anthropology, or a closely related discipline, with an emphasis archaeology and is actively involved […]

GCPA Next Meeting

The location and time for the Spring 2020 meeting for the GCPA has not yet been determined, but will likely coincide with the Spring meeting of the Society for Georgia Archaeology. Details will be provided when available.

Online dues payment option added!

Members of GCPA can now pay their annual dues online with a credit card via Square. Here’s the link. Lets be sure to thank our Sectretary/Treasurer Misty Dunn for setting up and managing this payment option. So save an envelope, save a stamp, stop procrastinating and pay your dues today!